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Reflections on Cover

Reflections Of You

Cautious and conservative architectural designer, Angela Lord, didn’t know quite what  to expect when she decided to fly to Puerto Rico to learn the truth about her family background. She was stunned to discover that, not only was she the exact double of handsome club owner Marco Santos’ dead wife, but that someone would go to any lengths to keep Angela from uncovering the past. And the closer Angela gets to Marcos’ dangerously sensual fire, the more she and Marco must reveal each other’s deepest truths if they are to survive love forever…

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For Keeps on Cover1 copy

Love Is For Keeps

Sexy Roberto Santos was her teenage brother’s boss, but for Brandy Parker, family came first. Her mother and her brother would always need her–and that kind of responsibility meant sacrifice. She needed the charming nightclub owner on her side for her brother’s sake, but the warning signs were flashing. From his sexy Spanish lilt, to his seductive tropical retreat, Brandy is certain he’s a one-stop ride to Heartbreakville. But despite her best intentions to sit on the sidelines, the sultry heat and pounding rhythms of romance soon work their magic…and Brandy can’t resist a dance that might just last forever.

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A Taste of Romance - ebook cover copy

 A Taste of Romance

A Taste of Romance is a story of a rising chef reconnecting with the love, life and town she’d left behind. Venus Lovejoy has good reason to dislike Valentine’s Day – and she sure isn’t happy to see that reason come back to town during the holiday festival. She plans to stick around just long enough to help her aunt and grandmother…and give handsome Avery Palmer a piece of her mind for walking out on her long ago. But she soon finds that there’s no running away from the truth – or from real love the second time around.

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I’m also excited to announce Mamma Lou Matchmaker novels on e-book. Updated with more romance, more love and more hot steamy scenes!

Irresistible You

True Love… During the New York City blackout, ballerina Juliet Bridges enjoys a night of passion with an anonymous CEO known only as J.T. It was supposed to be no more than a quick fling, but she can’t stop thinking about the cosmic connection she shared with a stranger. When a series of coincidences bring the handsome figure back into her life, she leaps at the opportunity to make another move.

At Last… Chief Executive J.T. Evans isn’t looking for love, but he thinks he’s stumbled upon it when he meets a whimsical one-night stand. When a notorious matchmaker puts him on her hit list, he beats her to the chase by tracking down the only woman who’s ever managed to capture his attention — Juliet Bridges. But once they’re together, Juliet’s fierce independence threatens to break them apart. Can she get past her fear of commitment to give herself a chance with Mr. Right?

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Only You

Only When You Risk it All…Emergency room doctor Hope Adams is used to tough situations, but Raymond Gates may be her most difficult case yet – and he’s not even a patient. The renowned plastic surgeon storms into the ER at the end of Hope’s thirty-hour shift, demanding better care for his beloved grandmother, Mamma Lou. After some heated words, Hope and Raymond agree to care for Mamma Lou as a team, to the matchmaking old lady’s delight. Wary of relationships after a bitter divorce, Hope finds herself falling deeply for this sensual, caring man, but can she trust her once-broken heart?

Can You Find the One Thing that Matters …Raymond has made it a rule never to mix work and romance, but   when it comes of Hope, all reasoning flies out the window. She’s dedicated, compassionate, and not at all impressed by his wealth or status. Raymond is going to woo her every way he knows how, and when someone from her past sets out to destroy Hope’s career – and their romance – he’ll go to any lengths to prove that his priceless gift is one Hope can count on…forever.

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Priceless Gift

Sudden Passion … Burned by an untrustworthy ex-fiancé, renowned professor
Madison Evans has poured her life into her work. The only thing she wants when
she arrives, incognito, at the small Virginia coastal is peace and quiet to
finish her book. But from the moment she encounters handsome antiques dealer
Antonio Gates, Madison finds herself swept up in sudden, breathtakingly sensual

Forever Love … Tony knows all too well about romantic betrayal,
and is determined to keep on playing the field. But he’s instantly challenged by
Madison’s quiet independence–and unable to resist her passion. Now, faces with
a jealous romantic rival and heartbreaking deception, Madison and Tony must
struggle to overcome past pain and deep mistrust to discover the most priceless
gift of all…lasting love.

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Watch for more e-books coming soon.


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