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My name is Celeste O. Norfleet and I’m a National best-selling author. I write for Harlequin Kimani Arabesque, Kimani Romance and Kimani TRU. My romance novels are realistic with a touch of humor, depicting strong sexy characters with unpredictable plots and exciting storylines. My young adult novels are dramatic fiction, reflecting current issues facing African-American teens. I have over 25 published novels in print.

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A Christmas Kiss

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Warm up with these sweet and sexy holiday tales of love and romance…
Sealed With A Kiss Celeste O. Norfleet

Small town bad boy Dean Everett has made good in the tech world and now struggling Hayden, Georgia, is ready to welcome him home—along with his corporate headquarters. But Carmen Stiles is less than happy to see him. Dean had no idea he broke her heart when he left town after high school. Now he plans to make up for it—and as old friendship stirs new passion, Carmen just might let him—until she suspects he has no intention of really making things right for Hayden, or for her….

RT Rating

A CHRISTMAS KISS (4) by Celeste. O. Norfleet, Deborah Fletcher Mello and Regina Hart
“This delightful collection rings in the holiday season with love, warmth, humor and charm. Returning home is the recurring theme for these vignettes, which prove that it is possible to find happiness when you least expect it.” – RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars

Publishers Weekly Rating

“Three wise men star in this trio of artful novellas. In Norfleet’s delectable “Sealed with a Kiss,” a bad boy turned multimillionaire returns to Hayden, Ga., to reunite with his first love, who sacrificed her own happiness to convince him to leave the town he hated… Parades, hot chocolate, tree trimming, and gift giving help guide these couples to their merry-ever-afters.” – Publishers Weekly

Library Journal

Three very different couples are surprised by romance and love in this enthralling anthology by some of Dafina’s most popular authors. A conflicted young woman reconnects with her former bad-boy crush when he returns with surprising plans in ­Norfleet’s spirited “Sealed with a Kiss” VERDICT Hot, diverse, and modern, this eclectic trio make the season shine and will appeal well beyond their classic target audience.


This Holiday Magic

This Holiday Magic

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May all your sweetest holiday dreams come true…

Mistletoe kisses, Christmas wishes and the joy of falling in love… A Gift from the Heart by Celeste O. Norfleet

The ex who broke Janelle Truman’s heart is back to save her father’s company. Janelle can’t believe that workaholic Tyson Croft has transformed into a caring family man. But Tyson knows what really matters now—and it all starts with one unforgettable Christmas…

RT Rating

In “A Gift From The Heart” by Norfleet, Janelle and Tyson have been apart for two years. When she returns to her home from a medical mission in Africa, she finds Tyson settled into her house — with his daughter! Since the little girl is older than two, there’s a lot that needs to be explained but the one thing that is obvious is that this couple still feels the love.” – RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars

The Thrill of You Mine At Last   

The Thrill of You ~ The Coles Family Award Winning Series

Book six of the Coles Family Series ~ He makes her feel like the most desirable woman in the world…

Sexy, magnetic Florida business owner and philanthropist Mikhail Coles is wrong for Cyanna Dupres in every way. And he’s the one man who can give her what she wants. Seducing the commitment-wary bachelor is the easy part. But once Cyanna wants a lifetime connection, will she lose the lover who makes her feel like the world’s most desirable woman?

Formerly Special Forces, Mikhail is haunted by demons he can’t shake. But Cyanna’s passion is taking him to thrilling new heights where anything is possible…even love. Called in on one final search-and-rescue operation-to find Cyanna’s missing brother-Mikhail realizes he wants more than a fleeting affair. Can he succeed in his mission and keep Cyanna safe so they can become the family she’s always wanted?

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          Priceless Gift                       One Sure Thing                    Irresistible You

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Forever Love ~ Mamma Lou Matchmaker Award Winning Series

Kimani Arabesque – Available NOW!

Book eleven of the Mamma Lou Series ~ Pleasure and politics collide with incredible results in a sweet and sizzling new novel in the Mamma Lou Matchmaker Series. Gia Duncan has turned her back on her family’s wealth in order to run a community organization. That’s why giving in to her desire for powerful, charismatic Keith Washington is a mistake she can make only once. Keith is the mayor’s campaign manager and son, a workaholic whose only goal is to get his father reelected. Gia knows he’s an opponent she can’t trust with her agenda, let alone her heart.

At first, seducing Gia is just a way to keep her from derailing his father’s reelection campaign. Until Keith starts to realize what everyone—especially matchmaker Mamma Lou—already knows. Nothing compares to the passion that keeps drawing him to Gia. But can he convince her that the only thing he truly wants from her is the promise of forever?

 RT Rating

″FOREVER LOVE (4) by Celeste O. Norfleet: Mama Lou’s latest matchmaking adventure is set in the political world of Philadelphia — where politics can be a blood sport. But love can be found even in that environment. Smart, attractive characters populate this compelling treat.″

Reviewed By: Jacqui McGugins  –  RT Book Reviews


Download Drama ~ The Kenisha Lewis Series

Nominated for African American Literary Award ~ Best Young Adult Novel –

Some people stand back when problems crop up. Kenisha Lewis steps up. And there’s a lot that needs fixing, from her family’s money worries to the run-down dance studio where she works part-time.

When the promo she makes for a dance studio fundraiser goes viral, Kenisha can’t believe the response. Who’d have guessed she’d become the latest YouTube sensation—or be asked to star in a video with rapper Taj? And now, Taj wants Kenisha to become her protégée, promising money and fame. Problems solved, right? Not quite. Her exciting new career is taking time away from school, family, friends and her boyfriend, Terrence.… Kenisha is sure she’s this close to having what she’s always wanted. But how much is she willing to give up to get it?


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